Would you like to be a mediator?

After a very busy 6 months we are very excited about projects planned for 2018. As such we are looking to grow our team of fantastic volunteer and associate mediators. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer mediator we would be interested to hear from you, particularly if you live in Wakefield or Kirklees.

What is a mediator? A mediator is an impartial person who helps people in conflict to find a resolution. Mediation is about structuring and facilitating communication, helping people to feel heard and ensuring that the parties reach their own agreement. The mediator doesn’t take sides or offer advice, but helps the build relationships and allow people to communicate openly and share their thoughts and feelings, before helping them draw up an agreement to move forward. The people decide what the content of this agreement will be. Mediation is entered into voluntarily and is a

How do I become a mediator? You will need to complete some mediation training and attend a number of mediation as an observer and then a co-mediator. Once signed off by your mediation peers as confident and competent you will be able to lead on mediation cases.

Are mediators paid? Yorkshire Mediation is a charity and we work mainly with volunteer mediators and we cover expenses for travel. We do work with associate mediators on a freelance basis, who are paid to undertake certain cases but the bulk of our work is charitable and therefore undertaken on a voluntary basis.

What qualifications do I need? If you already have mediation experience, that’s great, if not we will be arranging training courses throughout the year. You must be calm and focused, able to use active listening and other communication skills and enjoy working with people to help them find a way to resolve conflict

Please contact us via email to info@yorkshiremediation.org to let us know you are interested in joining our fantastic team of mediators.