It is rare to find an organisation where conflict has not arisen at some point, between employer and staff, managers and teams or between colleagues. Workplace disputes can negatively effect staff morale, cause stress to all involved, reduce productivity within the workplace and creates work for managers involved. There is also the risk to employers of being taken to a tribunal, which can potentially be avoided through early intervention.

Workplace Mediation offers an informal and rapid means to create a lasting resolution to workplace disputes. Depending on the availability of the parties, the process usually takes just three weeks from referral to agreement and can offer a low cost alternative to formal disciplinary and grievance processes

At Yorkshire Mediation Services, we have several years experience of using mediation to resolve such disputes in workplaces including offices, work sites and hospitals. In over 95% of the cases we have handled, mediation has been successful in reaching a lasting agreement.

The disputes that we handle take many forms and have included issues such as:

  • Facilitating the return to work following long term sickness
  • Accusations of bullying and discrimination
  • Resolving conflicts following a change in management structure
  • Colleagues not getting on after a misunderstanding or falling out
  • Re-building relationships following a grievance process
  • Whereas most cases involve two people, our workplace mediators have experience of managing cases with up to ten parties involved.

How and why it works

Workplace mediation uses an impartial third party (the Mediator) to help the parties in a dispute to resolve their differences and reach an agreement that will enable them to work together effectively again. The mediator’s role is not to judge, take sides or tell the parties what to do but instead to guide the process so that the parties can make their own agreement.

Our mediators follow up after the mediation has concluded to ensure that the agreement is still in place and that the parties and employer are satisfied that an effective way forward has been found.

More information

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