Problems with you neighbours? Mediation can help.

When you have a dispute with a neighbour it can be tempting to hope that someone else will sort it out for you. Turning to an official agency, such as the Police or the Housing office, may be a lengthy process and sometimes this may not result in a solution that works for you.We believe that you and your neighbour are the best people to find a way forward and mediation can help you to do this.

What you can expect

Mediators are not there to take sides or to tell you what you should do. They are there as an impartial party to help neighbours in dispute to talk to each other and find their own solution to the dispute.

Our mediators work in pairs. If you decide to give mediation a try, they will arrange to visit you at home for an initial meeting. This is a chance for you to give your side of things and to talk through the options that you have to resolve the issue. The aim of these meetings is to explain mediation and to help you to build confidence enough in the process that you feel able to meet your neighbour face to face. The mediators will also meet your neighbour to give them the same opportunity.

The next stage is for both neighbours to meet with the mediators to have a chance to put forward each point of view and to work towards an agreement. The mediators are there to ensure that each party gets the chance to speak – first without interruption and to help support the parties to identify where agreements can be possible.

Our mediators will:

  • Listen to both you and your neighbour
  • Give you both the opportunity to express your point of view
  • Help you and your neighbour understand each others concerns
  • Support you and your neighbour to reach a realistic agreement

How to access our service

We currently offer mediation for free in partnership with:

  • Wakefield District Housing
  • Leeds and Yorkshire HA
  • Leeds Federated HA
  • Leeds Jewish Housing Association
  • Together Housing
  • Big Lottery Pilot Mediation in Mirfield and Ravensthorpe

We offer mediation on a per case basis for anyone who cannot access mediation through these partners.

Please call us on 0113 242 4110 for more details.